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Scioto Properties Seals $25.5 MM Real Estate Acquisition with Discovery Behavioral Health

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COLUMBUS, OHIO – As Scioto Properties approaches its 25th year in business, the dedication to developing and investing in quality healthcare real estate has never been stronger. This was demonstrated with the monumental acquisition of 11 properties spread across 8 states (FL, CT, CA, IL, NY, TX, GA, VA), in a deal with tenant Discovery Behavioral Health that's valued at an impressive $25,500,000.  


Discovery Behavioral Health is recognized for their unwavering commitment to making behavioral healthcare more accessible and affordable. With numerous healthcare centers throughout the country, Discovery Behavioral Health connects a vast network of professionals, patients, and payors, offering comprehensive, evidence-based community treatment programs. 



For nearly 25 years, Scioto Properties has been at the forefront of assisting healthcare organizations. With services ranging from property selection, renovation, and construction of new residential facilities, Scioto ensures real estate settings are always in alignment with services for the best outcomes. With a commitment to offering timely and affordable housing solutions to providers, the synergy between Scioto and Discovery Behavioral Health promises to be a fruitful partnership for the communities they serve. 


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