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Empowering Independence: Celebrating National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

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October serves as a month of celebration and awareness for the Down syndrome community! 


National Down Syndrome Awareness Month provides us the opportunity to highlight the capabilities, achievements, and contributions of individuals with Down syndrome, as well as to increase advocacy efforts to uphold their rights and ensure their full inclusion in society.  


Understanding Down Syndrome  

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that arises when an individual has an extra copy of chromosome 21. While this extra genetic material can affect physical development and learning, individuals with Down syndrome also exhibit a range of unique abilities and qualities that make them invaluable members of our communities. 


Contributing to the Workforce: 

Individuals with Down syndrome are more than capable of being contributing members of society, and they thrive in various work environments. From retail and hospitality to administrative roles and creative arts, people with Down syndrome have showcased their talents and skills across diverse industries. 


Nurturing Independence  

As individuals with Down syndrome grow older, the need for independence becomes increasingly important. Independence fosters a sense of accomplishment, boosts confidence, and opens doors to new opportunities. It lays the foundation for individuals with Down syndrome to pursue their passions, engage with their community, and live fulfilling lives. 


At Scioto Properties, we understand the crucial role housing plays in this journey toward independence. We work closely with service providers to understand the specific needs of individuals, ensuring that our housing solutions provide a safe place to live while fostering a sense of community and belonging.  



As we celebrate National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we at Scioto Properties are reminded of the vital role we play in supporting individuals with Down syndrome. Our mission is to empower them to lead independent, fulfilling lives, and we are committed to providing housing solutions to providers to make that possible. 


Join us in celebrating the individuals with Down syndrome! You can support individuals and families in your community by:  

  • Educating Yourself: Learn more about Down syndrome and the journey towards independence at 
  • Spreading the Word: Share stories of achievement and resilience in the Down syndrome community. 
  • Getting Involved: You can contribute to creating supportive environments for individuals with Down syndrome in your community by finding local organizations in your area. 


Together, we can make a difference, one supportive housing solution at a time.