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Equipping Providers with Tools to Provide Remote Support and Empower Consumer Choice

  • Technology

SimplyHome understands the numerous challenges impacting provider agencies. As a company that got its start in long-term care services, SimplyHome has been on a mission to develop innovative solutions that not only empower self-determination and independent living but mitigate some of the challenges of staffing and unstable funding sources impacting providers.

For nearly two decades, SimplyHome has developed a comprehensive suite of simple and sophisticated technology services designed to support the independence of individuals living with a disability or individuals desiring to age in place.

SimplyHome’s proprietary remote support platform integrates environmental controls, sensors, smart home devices, and innovative equipment to alleviate safety concerns about cooking safety, medication adherence, and the risk of wandering or falls while promoting activities of daily living.

Like Scioto, SimplyHome wants to equip provider agencies with the resources and tools to provide exemplary quality care. Interested in learning more about person-centered outcomes that can be achieved with SimplyHome’s technology or how your organization can start providing remote support? Email Emily Danciu-Grosso to set up a complimentary consultation.