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Scioto Properties Continues to Respond and Support Providers During COVID-19

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It goes without saying that we all continue to live in an unprecedented time. It’s times like this where you see both the good and bad in humanity. The media tends to emphasize and promote the stories across the nation where providers are struggling to provide adequate care, especially those cases bordering on neglect. However; I continue to be amazed at the vast fortitude of the majority of providers doing everything possible to protect those they serve and employ. There are tremendous stories coming out about the effort providers are taking, including executive staff physically helping to get personal protective equipment to their direct support professionals that need it or in numerous cases executive staff working the front lines to support their direct support professionals.


Having worked for a provider agency for twenty years I know the toll the industry can take on providers. It’s challenging work and when you compound that with the rigors of having to navigate through an international pandemic my heart truly goes out to everyone. I never could have imagined a time where many states have waived background checks for workers, some states have lowered the age of eligibility to work with an individual with developmental disabilities to 16, some states are extending licensing and certification periods, others are permitting providers to staff at lower ratios than normally required and many are allowing adult day services to be provided within an individual’s home.


Over the last few weeks, we have had several providers ask if Scioto is still able to acquire properties for them in this market. The answer is that Scioto continues to be here for providers to help support your real estate needs. With various levels of “Stay at Home” orders across all fifty states, we are seeing delays in some markets as it pertains to inspections and appraisals, but we are navigating our way through this and acquiring homes. We are also seeing some delays with insurance claims and maintenance work on already leased properties.


We are also having providers ask for permission to use adult day service programs buildings that Scioto owns for interim residential use to get through the pandemic. Scioto supports providers doing this, we only request that providers check with the appropriate local authorities to make sure that they are aware of and support the decision on an interim basis. Proactively doing this could help to avoid potential zoning issues and/or complaints that may come. 


You can continue to reach any employee of Scioto by calling our main office phone number, which is (614)-889-5191. Once you dial the number you will be given the option of selecting our company directory or leaving a message in the general mailbox. Any message that you leave will be directed to the email account of that employee and they will respond accordingly.

Thank you for being a loyal customer. It is our intent to remain transparent and provide any needed updates about our services through our website, as well as directly emailing our customers.  



Matt Mumma