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Transforming Healthcare Spaces: A  Case Study

  • Construction,
  • Scioto Properties,
  • Accessible Design

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, providers are often faced with unique challenges as they expand their services. This was the case for a healthcare provider in Florida, whose growth led to the need for a dedicated school space. Initially confronted with an unusable, empty facility, the provider envisioned a creative solution: demolishing the existing structure and replacing it with portable modules.


However, this plan raised cost and long-term viability concerns when presented to Scioto Properties, their landlord. Scioto, leveraging its national network of contractors and designers, proposed an alternative solution that not only addressed the immediate needs but also aligned with the long-term vision of the provider.


The solution? A tailored, permanent structure that was cost-effective and maintained the campus aesthetic.


Want to learn more? Download our case study and discover how strategic planning, collaboration, and innovative design led to a high-quality, cost-effective solution for this healthcare space.


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