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Wear Your Blue and Yellow for Down syndrome Awareness Month

In the month of October, Down syndrome awareness is celebrated in the United States. Down syndrome is a genetic condition that randomly occurs in one in every 691 live births worldwide. It affects people of all ages, races, and economic levels and is the most frequently occurring chromosomal disorder.


It occurs when there are three, rather than the usual two, copies of chromosome 21 in every cell of the body. Recent advances in our understanding of Down syndrome have resulted in dramatic improvements in the life span and the potential of those affected. 


Down syndrome is named for Dr. John Langdon Down, who wrote the most prominent paper describing the disorder in the 1860s. The name Down syndrome was not standardized until 1975. Down syndrome is still a little-understood disorder and while researchers are aware of this condition, it is still unknown what causes it or how symptoms develop.


In October, show your support of Down syndrome awareness by wearing the colors of blue and yellow.


Down syndrome