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Why A Sale Leaseback Is So Good

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A Smart Investment 


What Are Your Sale Leaseback Options? 


  • Get 100% Equity From Your Properties Unleash the cash in your real estate. Scioto will purchase your owned home(s) and lease them back to you in long-term, secure leases.  


  • Gain Value  – Increase the value of your merger or acquisition transaction by partnering with Scioto before the sale.  


  • A New Landlord That Understands your Business –   We specialize in real estate for people with disabilities and service provider organizations. We know that inside the homes and facilities we deliver, lives are being changed. 


  • Expand –  Our real estate team can help you expand your business by identifying property that meets your specific needs. Our experienced staff will locate a home, coordinate the due diligence and closing process. Yes, we make it that easy!  


To find out what your properties are worth, contact us today to schedule a FREE valuation. 


Scioto delivers right-size real estate solutions so you can focus on what matters most—delivering high quality services to the people under your care.


If you have questions about a sale leaseback as an option for you and your organization contact us today to learn more about how a sale leaseback can work for you.