Accessible Design

Transforming Healthcare Spaces: A  Case Study

Posted by Lauren Fedele on Dec 21, 2023 10:54:56 AM

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, providers are often faced with unique challenges as they expand their services. This was the case for a healthcare provider in Florida, whose growth led to the need for a dedicated school space. Initially confronted with an unusable, empty facility, the provider envisioned a creative solution: demolishing the existing structure and replacing it with portable modules.

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Our Tyler TX TBI Facility Is Now Complete

Posted by admin-scioto on Jul 28, 2021 1:08:43 PM

Our Tyler, TX construction project is now complete. In July 2021, construction was completed on a traumatic brain injury treatment and residential facility in Tyler, Texas. This project is two, 8-bedroom residential properties and an activity center that is customized to the needs of the individuals who will be residing in the homes and using the activity center to help them rebuild their lives after brain injury.

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