Direct Service Professionals

We Can Overhaul the System, Be A Change Agent!

Posted by Matt Mumma on Nov 22, 2021 1:52:29 PM

As a former service provider of 20 years, I have seen many ups and downs for service providers within the Developmental Disability Service System. During this period, I can count on one hand the number of rates increases that providers received. While rate increases are greatly appreciated, they do little to attract and retain Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), the valued frontline workers in the system.

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The pandemic underscored the significant value of the direct support workforce, the challenges they continue to grapple with, and how these issues are paramount to the health and safety of the workers and the people they support. Under the current presidential administration, however, there’s a chance to reexamine the state of the caregiver workforce and implement several changes that could improve the profession, thus ensuring care for...

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